5inFive Tips from 13th Feb

Dan Campling 14th February, 2020

We hope you all enjoyed our first event, as promised here are the ‘5inFive’ tips from our guest speakers.

Bradley Hatchett, Managing Director, NetworkMyClub

Five Tips to Successful Networking

1. Give first, receive second
2. Research before and follow-up afterwards
3. When looking at events to attend, think quality over quantity.
4. Define your objectives in advance, and be sure to show up knowing what you want to achieve.
5. Think long-term. Networking is not a quick win.

Karen Sanders, Owner, The HR Department

Five Tips to Employing People

1. Ensure you always use contracts of employment for ALL staff
2. Follow your own policies and procedures.
3. Recruit based on your company values.
4. Good leaders give their time to their staff.
5. Be authentic.

Geoff Roy, Owner, Leapfrog Internet Marketing

5 Tips to Get Your Website Found

1. Use Google Search console
2. Be sure your site has a good meta title – this must come before your company name. Tell people what you do before telling them who you are.
3. Google My Business – make sure it’s 100% complete
4. Ensure you are added to Hart Council’s online business directory.
5. Don’t be ashamed to copy the competition – MozBar is a good company/platform to use for this.