About LinkedIn Local Hart

LinkedIn Local Hart are informal events where you can catch up with contacts,make new connections and share experiences. There are no 60-second pitches and you don’t need to be referred, just book your place and bring lots of business cards!

Each event will include short ‘5InFive’ speaker sessions; five tips in five minutes on any topic from local businesses to help share advice and best practices. Please get in touch if you would like to to be a guest speaker.

We want to bring LinkedIn to life and pick up where the online service leaves off, encourage ‘real-life’ conversations with your local contacts and hopefully introduce you to some you have not yet discovered… It’s also held in a pub, which, we think, you will agree is far more convivial than cyberspace!

What is LinkedIn Local?

LinkedIn Local was born out of an idea to meet the people behind the profiles and to provide a space for everyone to belong. But it has ended up being so much more than that.

#LinkedInLocal began when 4 LinkedIn users across 4 cities decided to get to know their connections face to face, and it set the world alight. United by the idea of getting to know the people behind the profiles, hosts across the globe joined the movement to create social change.

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